About Cheticamp

More+boatsCheticamp is a small Acadian fishing village located on the north-west coast of Cape Breton Island. Situated along the Gulf of St. Lawrence, with the Cape Breton Highlands (an extension of the Appalachian mountain range) as its backdrop, Cheticamp is a must-see destination. This unique and picturesque village is also the gateway to the western entrance of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, and the world famous Cabot Trail passes through the heart of the village.

With Cheticamp’s rugged natural beauty, there is no shortage of outdoor activities for both visitors and locals to enjoy in and around the village. Cycling, hiking, camping, fishing, bird watching, swimming, and boating are just some of the many popular activities. Although there are too many great destinations to list, Cheticamp Island, with its amazing views and lighthouse, the National Park with excellent hiking trails and camping options, and La Plage St. Pierre, a popular local beach, are among some of the best.

In addition to its rich natural landscape, Cheticamp is a site of thriving Acadian culture. Many of Cheticamp’s residents are of Acadian descent, and French continues to be spoken throughout the village (the community and most residents are bilingual). Not only have Acadians living in Cheticamp been able to preserve their language, traditional arts, festivals, music, and local cuisine are also important parts of the community. The people living in Cheticamp are also known for their warmth and hospitality and are often more than happy to share information about the region and their heritage.

Cheticamp is also a working fishing village, and there is almost always colourful boats and activity at the local wharves. Cheticamp’s close proximity to productive fishing grounds attracted Acadian settlers to the area, and fishing continues to be an important source of employment and income for the community. While the groundfish fisheries are shadows of their former selves, lobster and snow crab are now the dominant fisheries in Cheticamp.

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